Jeff Schear, owner/operator of Jeff Schear Visuals, is a commercial photographer based out of Chicago, IL. He specializes in lifestyle brand imagery, utilizing visual communication to create compelling narrative imagery of people, food/drink, places, and objects.


Over the past decade, Jeff Schear’s career spans a wide gamut of genres: from international magazine covers and editorial spreads featuring celebrity portraiture/fashion, to worldwide distributed commercial food packaging imagery, to exclusive documentary photography for some of largest entertainment and luxury brands in the world. Jeff is also a contributor and assignment photographer for Getty Images and WireImage.


  • Commercial photography services for people, food/drink, places, and objects.
  • Exclusive documentary photography coverage for entertainment and luxury brand events.
  • Expert image retouching and compositing.
  • Visual communication consulting solutions.


Running a client service-oriented business model, offering highly customized services, tailored to deliver exceptional imagery, while valuing the unique needs of each client.


Jeff Schear Visuals is based out of Chicago, IL, operating out of the West Loop.


Jeff is a graduate of Ohio University, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Communication-Commercial Photography, from the Scripps College, School Of Visual Communication. He also trained in Video Production from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.