3 Things Photography Has Taught Me About Women

Not all men get the opportunity of being around large groups of women on a consistent basis. It's part of my job per se, to do just that. I love to combine my experiences in photography with life. So here are 3 quick observations i've picked up, worthy of your contemplation.

1. Details Matter. When she gets a haircut and you don't notice? That's not cool. Not cool at all. From the jewelry, to the shoes, to the color of her nails, to the way she wears her hair, to what she's wearing, everything is a conscious decision. Notice those things, appreciate those things. Just because you wake up, throw some hair gel in, a pair of jeans, a button up, and call it a day, doesn't mean it's the same way with our lovely counterparts. As a photographer, working with makeup artists, hairstylists, and stylists, i've learned how difficult it is to do these things. If you're in a relationship, stop taking it for granted. Remind her how much you appreciate those small details. If you're single, then now you know.

2. Communication is Key. I direct people when i'm shooting. Outside of professional models, the average person has to be posed or reinforced in some way to make them comfortable. A great way of establishing trust is communication. If I don't say something or give feedback during a shoot, it feels really awkward. Some photographers demand silence, as if they are recreating the Mona Lisa. I don't buy into that philosophy. Instead I reinforce that the pose is working, they are doing a great job, and we are getting the shots we need. It's not to sound like the cliche stereotype photographer you see in movies, always saying "yes baby, work it, love it, you're like a tiger stalking thru the jungle after its prey!" What i'm getting at is, carry that concept to the real world. Without communicating properly, things get misunderstood. When my communication is at it's peak, my photographs turn out better. It's safe to say, better communication yields better relationships.

3. Be amazed. There is no creature more special, beautiful, unique, intricate, and heart stopping on this earth than a woman. As a photographer, I not only try to capture the image, but try to capture the essence of the subject in a photo, that's my goal. I believe the mistake many male photographers make is they assume just because something is sexual, it's automatically better. In reality, the hot girl with barely any clothes on get's pretty old pretty fast. The best photographers in the world, who photograph mainly females, aren't at the top because they take the prettiest pictures. It's because they are able to capture essence, insight, convey an idea, and appreciate the subtle beauties that escape the average person. Carrying on into the real world...I truly believe that in order to be a better person/partner, you must appreciate the beautiful subtleties that exist. Too often we lose sight of that. Appreciate women, not as objects, but as beautiful beings that are defined by their unique and subtle gifts. Without that appreciation, you're just throwing passion out the window. And life without passion, is like lemonade without the sugar. Dull, sour, and unremarkable.