A Letter To My Dear Friend: Be Grateful Your Life Is Hard

Because life is hard, I am not special. Inside my brain there is no seal of approval, on my arm no mark of greatness. I'm only ordinary. But being ordinary is what makes me extraordinary.

Don't be confused when you become wary. Or let your heart ache over your troubles. If life wasn't hard we wouldn't have a word for desicion. In a world free of burden there are no such things as sacrifice or regret. Beauty only exists in an imperfect world.

It's loss that inspires an artist to create something of seeming permanence. Struggle that strengthens the resolve to improve. Hatred that poisons the blood, so that we can see what is truly pure.

Don't wish for a life of ease, or extravagant wealth, or endless sun and blue skies. I've seen the true face of happiness, and it's not in the reflection of a priceless sports car. Or next door, hidden between the marble pillars of a mansion overlooking the ocean. Sometimes the most extravagant things are just extravagant masks, hiding the emptiest and loneliest spaces and faces.

Be grateful your life isn't easy, or perfect. I'm glad my life is hard. Grateful for painful decisions, the haunting feeling of not knowing whether or not the right choice was made. It's just life. No amount of pretending will ever alter the truth that we are human. The greatest gift is what you've had all along. The time you've been given on this earth. Everything else is just an illusion. The only reality is what we choose to do with our time.

I am not ordinary. Inside my brain there is something extraordinary, on my arm a mark of greatness. But being extraordinary isn't greatness. Greatness is born out of the struggle. Because life is hard.