"Chubbs and the Twighlights": The School of P.M.A.

This past Saturday evening, I took a cab to a photo assignment. As soon as I sat down, a friendly voice greeted me, and asked where i'm headed. "The Metro Theatre," I responded, as I went through my shot list, stored in my phone. As we turned the corner, he excitedly remarked "man...back in the 60's, my band played at that theatre, we were called "Chubbs and the Twighlights. I was the drummer and the singer." Curious, I looked up into the rear view mirror, and saw a friendly old grey haired man. There was a glitter in his eyes, a friendliness in his demeanor. Something i've never seen in a cabbie. He wasn't talking on his bluetooth about lord knows what, and he grinned out the frosted windshield. It was as if he was heading off to collect on his winning lottery ticket. As he talked, I couldn't help but notice a sign in his window, something i'd somehow missed.

It read:

"P.M.A, positive-mental-attitude. Life is what you make it. Not happy with your job, or your marriage, move or improve. Plan your goals and work your plan. It's all about ATTITUDE."

When I asked him about the sign, he called it his "School of Positive Mental Attitude." Looking into Chubbs eyes in the rear view mirror, this guy wasn't a student, he was a Dr. in P.M.A. Chubbs went on to describe how, if I ever needed a ride to the airport in the morning, he'd bring coffee and donuts free of charge. He even mentioned, that last week, one of his clients called to set up a proposal in Chubbs' cab, so he could ask his girlfriend to marry him. Amazed and rather charmed, I marveled at his wisdom. Chubbs looked back at me in the mirror and remarked,

"to succeed, you have to set yourself apart. I love my job. It's all about the P.M.A."

Life is a never ending mystery to me, and as I get older, it gets more and more confusing. But I felt like this particular cab ride wasn't an accident. Meeting Chubbs, the man who once played the great theatre, as the drummer and lead singer of "Chubbs and the Twightlights," I felt like this cab ride was destiny. As I exited the cab, he smiled and said to me, "go get em!"

Thanks Chubbs, chances are i'll never see you again, but you are the man!