The "Chasing The Sun" Series: Dusk Clouds In The West Loop of Chicago, IL

How does a picture speak to you and what does it make you feel? In the "Chasing The Sun" photo series, we are exploring how light speaks to us as photographers. Visual communication is a science. It is understanding how ideas from a three-dimensional world can be conveyed using two-dimensions to an audience. This science uses photographs, graphic design, illustrations, and other mediums.

The light was speaking to me last night...

The sun resting below the western horizon, leaving vibrant colors scattering across the wisps of cloud cover. The iron silhouette of apartment balconies and construction sites, framing a city scene that is often taken for granted. The light seems to watch over the West Loop. As if to say, we are more than a faceless city of strangers. We each bring our own unique color to the atmosphere.