You're weird: What Photographing Water Has Taught Me About Life

I find myself wanting to write less about technical knowledge, relating to photography. More often, I have inclinations to share stories about my real life and my career.

A lot of you may know, I rarely sleep at night. It's a quiet time to get work done, to think and really get things in perspective. So early this morning, I was sorting through the nearly 300,000 photographs, i've collected during my career. The point being, to pick the best of the best, for the launch of my new website. So I came across a photo and it reminded me of a story.

My friends and I went to Cancun, MX for Spring Break 2004, my senior year of high school. It was a lackluster trip, sketchy to say the least. But I remember one particular morning, while the girls were setting up their chairs for the day, I took a walk on the beach. I ventured an hour one way, as far as I could possibly go, then walked back. Upon my return, it was noon, and one of the girls said rather curiously "what were you doing?" She frowned as if I had just ripped the legs off a frog and ate it alive. "I went for a walk on the beach" I responded. She then asked "Why?" I rebutted, "Because it's beautiful." Her next words are golden in my memory, burnt deep into my mind. "You're weird."

Looking back, I guess she was spot on. I was watching the sun move over the water, rather than taking watered down tequila shots. Totally weird right? So I guess i've become the guy from "American Beauty," videotaping the plastic bag fluttering in the wind. But I love what I do, and it rocks. So don't fear weird.